... and sing...

I go on stage ... and silence. Breath ... air suspension is impregnated with the essence of the whole, this rich landscape, home to the emotion, the universal thought.

Expired ... the harmonious dance of body, caressing word after word, raise the expression to the infinite ... the beautiful mystery of the communication.

Cecília Aymí

Cecília Aymí

The beauty and versatility of the soprano voice Cecília Aymí careful with his musicianship and stage presence have made public the set as a singer able to express and spread, with passion, sense and sensibility, the most intimate emotion.

Cecília Aymí was born in Tortosa (Catalonia) within a musical family context. Driven by the need to express through this discipline, too young, go to the Conservatory of Music of Tarragona to study the medium degree, specializing in singing, with mezzo-soprano Mercè Obiol and pianist Alan Branch. Later, get the higher grade of singing at the Conservatory of Music of the Liceo from Barcelona, with the maximum distinction, under the tutelage of Enriqueta Tarrés. After completing their education, scholarship from the private foundation Duran Martí to expand her vocal studies in Munich, where explores the work of the operatic repertoire with the soprano Selma Aykan.

Cecília Aymí vocal characteristics conducive soon, during her studies at the conservatory, is usually selected to play major roles in opera, recitals, oratorios and symphonic concerts with a wide repertoire, from baroque to contemporary, singing in numerous theaters and internationally renowned concert such as the Gran Teatro del Liceo from Barcelona, the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, the Barcelona Auditorium, the Teatre Fortuny from Reus, La Faràndula from Sabadell, the Wiener Saal in Salzburg, Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg.

Today, Cecilia Aymí continues spreading, to express through their singing, everywhere, the emotion.

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